Wellness Business Organization is an affordable, all-in-one
website and technology solution to run your business.


We provide affordable wellness business websites designed by someone with a wellness business!   Spend more time working on your business, not for your business.  Our services are the most comprehensive and flexible solution to your business needs.  Best of all, it's in one place and easy for you to use.

Our online service provides you with the website and the tools to store information, make online appointments, accept payments online, run free webinars and so much more. Have only one username and password to remember.  Customize your experience with our additional support services.     Hey...how Zen is that?


Membership Benefits...Join us!

  • Free listing in our online Wellness directory
  • Online file space for your files
  • Easily share files with customers
  • Custom Website up to 10 pages
  • Domain name and hosting for one year
  • Blog on your website
  • SSL certificate for a secure site
  • Share your event listings on your site
  • Easy instructions
  • Appointment scheduler plugin
  • Offer FREE webinars to clients
  • Customer Relations Mgmt. plugin
  • Accept payment/sell products online (requires free PayPal business account, per transaction fees paid to PayPal)
  • Great for beginner to advanced technology user
  • Monthly submission to search engines
  • Plugin updates (weekly)
  • Up to 1/2 hour of changes monthly included

All this for just one low monthly fee!  Ready to sign up??  Click here.

I can just see the paint going on the canvas…

OMG my website is so pretty .. I love it:)  The best part is I don’t have to do the hard stuff.. I can just see the paint going on the canvas:)  you really are amazingly talented!!!!  Thank you for getting this started so darn fast!!!

User-friendly Website

I just wanted to share with you that I had my class last night and everyone in the class was commenting about how much easier it is to navigate through my website, to pay for events, to find information that they are looking for.  They said my other website was very confusing and not easy to navigate. They were so excited for me as well as themselves because they now know you will handle their website design.    I just want to share that with you and just express my gratitude to you for making me look up even more professional and visually pleasing and able to be seen.

The technical stuff is no longer a worry…

But the technical stuff is no longer a worry.  I can see difference in having someone who knows what they are doing and a homemade website like a friend of mine just created. It is by far worth the money to pay you.

Your membership entitles you to the services and software listed above.  You get domain name, hosting, use of website, SSL certificate, plugins listed, ecommerce (requires PayPal account).  Use of the software and all above is limited to membership with us.  When terminating your membership, the site files remain with us and responsibility for any information you want to retain is yours.   We initially set up 10 pages for your online website service.  If you require more than ten pages for your site, you can add them yourself (unlimited) or you can contract our Support Services team to add them for you at an additional fee.  One of the greatest features of our service is that you have full control over content and using your website...front and back end, but you don't have the hassle of coordinating and keeping track of all the parts that make up the whole.  Payment for support services will be required before additional work can be done.  Please see our terms of service policy at the bottom of our website page.